Drains should be thoughtfully used and maintain by a homeowner to avoid inconveniences like major clogs.

Clogged drains can be horrible. Around the home, it can be an inconvenience, and an embarrassment when there is company. Part of a good plumbing maintenance routine is a periodic drain cleaning service that assures that all used water around the home is reverted back where it could be treated, away from the home. Without it, inconveniences, and even flooding that leads to water damage can occur at any time when it suddenly clogs up.

Plumbing experts have mentioned several ways to keep drains working in top condition. Expert plumbers also share what can possibly go wrong if the whole home drainage system is ill maintained, and why should every homeowner make sure that it is in good condition through careful and thoughtful use.

Expert plumbers explain that clogged drains puts pressure on the sewage pipes, and causes early wear and tear and eventual shortening of its intended lifespan. One great and simple practice to adapt is to be mindful of what goes down the drain. The drainage, especially the kitchen and toilet drains are not garbage cans that can swallow in trash. For instance fruit peels, rice, oil and left over food parts like meat bones and all should never be thrown down the kitchen drain even if there is a garbage disposal system. Apart from clogging up the drain pipes, it can also jam the garbage disposal system creating another problem.

The toilet on the other hand is not a trash. Unless it is just plain toilet paper, plumbing experts stress that nothing should ever be flushed down the toilet. These include baby wipes even if it is labeled flushable, diapers, panty liners, feminine napkins, among other hygiene products.

With these plumbing experts say that the homeowners should scrape off plates prior to washing them, and quit pouring grease and used oil on the drain. It will also be best if there are drain stops installed in all the sink and shower drains all over the home. This is to prevent the flushing of hair and clump[s of bar soaps in the bathroom drain and sink, which can cause clogs.  

No to harsh chemicals

Experts also caution that should there be a bit of a hold up in draining water and clogs develop, homeowners should NEVER rely on chemical drain cleaners as it will complicate the problem further. Apart from not being a long term solution, over the counter drain cleaners are made of very strong chemicals that are abrasive and can cause pipe corrosion. When the pipe corrodes, it will be an even bigger problem in the home’s whole plumbing system. It is always best to use a plunger, a drain snake, or a hot water when clogs happen. If the situation persists then it is best to call in a licensed professional plumber who can troubleshoot the whole issue or carry out an intensive drain cleaning service.

Drain cleaning is indeed important, as well as carefully deciphering the professional plumbing service that can get the job done.